Securing and Surveillance

1. Locating nearest tax paying registration office.
2. Connections & introductions with reputed and renowned realtors in event that you need to buy/sell properties.
3. Information including videography and photography of the property through the internet/telephony services on need basis 
4. Supervision of surveillance of the safety of the property and checking for encroachments.
5. For Surveillance multiple trips that you desire on a weekly or monthly or quarterly or yearly. 
6. For Survey of the properties that you need the exact size of the property. 
7. Market survey of the prevalent property prices to sell or buy.

Updation of Property Records for Marketability and Loan Eligibility

1. Paying up of the statutory due of taxes and obtain of Encumbrance Certificate (EC).
2. Paying up the taxes up to date. 
3. Obtaining copies of various document related and the locations of the concerned offices.

Prospects and Future Development

1. Survey of the development of the locality and the surrounding.
2. Assessment of future prospects & appreciation of the property based prevailing market rates.
3. Future growth prospects of the property and area with respect to and any major developments in the area including commercial offices, projects and malls market, metro, large housing condominiums, school, collages, hospitals coming up in the vicinity.
4. Scope of road widening & government notifications for land acquisition.
5. Information on the renowned realtors in the vicinity.
6. Government stand and status of the infrastructure facilities available and expected in the future, that may add or hamper valuations of your property.

Liasoning and Clearances

1. Legal opinions and due diligence for buying or selling property.
2. Mortgage loan facility for the property.
3. Introducing to architects, engineers and contractors for any requirements related to the construction and land development avenues.
4. Institutional Loans for purchase and construction.
5. Liasoning with the concerned government bodies & authorities for various  approvals and sanctions.

Disputed Mediation and Arbitrations

1. We offer our expertise to intervene and bring about solutions and resolving out-of-court fair settlements and pursue litigated properties to a amicably acceptable logical end out of courts.

Hobby & Passion

1. As a Hobby & Passion we also indulge in facilitating the used cars trading, having a hands on experience catering to our family and friends.