It's not how big the property you made, but how well you keep, how it works for you and how many generations you keep it for.


Care taking your property investment both physical and documents wise that facilitates encashment of development when desired to cherish your wealth.
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Deepstone is a young and multidisciplinary organisation that is involved in catering to all the needs in the 'Realty' space, including but not limited to bank loans, legal opinions, layout project developments, architects & architecture, liasoning for Water and Power connections, etc. 

Our aim is to provide a world class experience to our customers in the realty sector in terms of property options as well as end-to-end services for both small & medium budget projects, as well as huge budget projects. 

We excel in providing a plethora of extensive and exotic properties with utmost customer satisfaction as our top priority. 

What makes us stand apart in the industry is our reliable service, and our ability to meet the changing demands successfully with quick turn around times. This level of service is made possible only through our extensive array of profitable properties and professionals, which we bring together for making our customers dreams come true.

Brief History:
We are experts in transportation and logistics of odc's and super odc's. We then expanded our services & diversified our business into areas like real estate promotion, property management, liaising with the specialisation in the realty sector, granite exporting and layout designing. We were incorporated as a dealer of used cars of various models including high end brands. We are backed by an efficient team comprising of professional experts, skilled land promoting leaders and other proficient employees who take immense pleasure in offering relevant services within the committed timeframes. We assist you in getting all these services as per your requirements, at exciting price points.

About Our Promoter:
Mr. Deepak Khera comes with decades of experience across diverse verticals. With a hands-on working background from the family run road transport business house of M/s Prakash Roadlines with offices & presence pan India, Mr. Deepak Khera has over 40+ years of work experience including 20+ years of international business experience. A charismatic businessman always on the lookout for growth, he subsequently took the plunge into the trending business opportunities of investments & realty. He has deep expertise in properties in and around Bangalore, Hosur, Chennai, Mysore and other areas across India. He has however restricted his geographical reach and focused his vision in offering top notch services within the jurisdiction of South India.
Mr. Deepak Khera has extensive experience owing to his many years of experience in the industry, and has built an excellent network of connections made from the club memberships of Bowring Institute, KSHA, JWGC, KGF Gymkhana, Century Club and its affiliations. After understanding the requirements from his interactions, both casual & professional, he arrived at offering highly in-demand with confidence of Property Care-taking services.
Office,  Bankers &  Registrations:
Since 1980 located at #24/2 J C Road, 1st cross, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560027.

Our bankers since 1980   State Bank Of India, City Branch  Bangalore-560002.
I E C # 0705 007 472
T I N # 2927 0399 746